Continuous Communications…The Key to New Business

Customized Solutions
CSG, Inc. has over two decades of experience communicating with key decision makers and influencers in over a dozen unique industries. As a comprehensive provider of quality sales and marketing process improvement, business development, opportunity management, and inside sales support services, CSG can help you gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. The complete staff at CSG is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and helping you maintain a continuing core of satisfied customers. The following services are available in a customized form to meet your specific needs:
Inside Sales Support

Simply put, CSG becomes your outsourced inside sales support team. Our team of professionals will penetrate, prospect, pre-qualify, and track leads and account targets with free-flow prospecting conversations prior to and along with your field sales team. Supporting your field sales team with high quality sales intelligence is our primary function. Click here for a Services Executive Summary.


Account Mapping

The Account Mapping service is the starting point to deep penetration of major accounts – for both new and existing customers. The mapping process starts with an intense research effort to identify the subsidiaries and divisions of interest in each key account. A spreadsheet of locations is created which gives us the preliminary information needed to prioritize the attack on the locations of interest. The next phase encompasses contact development and validation inside those locations. The complete process is a combination of research, validation, referrals and direct communication efforts to create the desired mapping of each major account. Click here for a Services Executive Summary.


Account Penetration and Prospecting

We use market segmentation, database marketing, and pro-active business development prospecting techniques to generate, and pre-qualify selling opportunities while also developing contacts that influence the buying process of each of those opportunities. Click here for a Services Executive Summary.


Customer Retention

In today’s marketplace buyers have multiple resources available to them when researching and selecting an appropriate vendor for their application. The vendor who takes a proactive approach in communicating with their existing customer base as well as their new prospects will have a higher success rate of closing new and repeat business. Getting in the door early and staying in constant communication is the key to you getting the order instead of the competition. Implementing a good outsourced customer retention support function, as opposed to a telemarketing approach, to your customer retention lead generation programs will show your market commitment and convey that you are serious about doing business in a professional manner. Click here for a Services Executive Summary.


Sales Process and Evaluation Consulting

CSG provides a comprehensive package of consulting and business development services. Our team of business managers, consultants, and marketing/sales professionals has many years of experience and stand ready to serve you and your sales team. The collective knowledge of our staff in sales process analysis, planning, marketing and business development will provide you with the information needed to enhance your sales process and increase both the market intelligence and competitive information you require to stay ahead of the competition. Click here for a Services Executive Summary.


CSG's Bridge to Success 
CSG’s programs provide the framework for a productive sales process. Our business development bridge provides our clients with day-to-day market intelligence, target identification, database marketing, continuous target and customer networking to solve real problems.
 Click here to see the Business Development Bridge

Our unique approach to solving everyday sales problems has been extremely successful; let us help you evaluate how we fit into your sales and marketing process with:
  • Inside Sales Support
    • Lead Processing
    • Lead Qualifying
    • Lead Tracking
    • Reporting
    • Outside Sales Interface
  • Major Account Mapping
  • Account Penetration and Prospecting
  • Customer Retention
  • Sales Process Evaluation and Consulting